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Tuesday, 21 April 2015

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How to Connect MS Outlook to Microsoft Exchange Server?

When you are using Microsoft exchange server account and you have selected cached exchange mode. An implicit offline Outlook data file (OST File) is created on your system that enable you to work in offline mode when you are not connected to exchange sever. This offline outlook data file contains copy of exchange mailbox which will be synchronized with exchange server when it is connected to it.

For connecting MS outlook to Microsoft Exchange Server follow these steps

Step 1: Click window Start button then select control panel, click on mail.


Step 2: Mail Setup – Outlook wizard will open , click on show profiles
show profile

Step 3: Click Add and enter the name of profile , select OK
add profile


Step 4: On Add New E-mail Account Wizard select manually configured server settings or additional server types checkbox then click Next 
manually configure server

Step 5: Choose E-mail service as Microsoft Exchange service then click Next
chose microsoft exchange

Step 6: On the server setting wizard enter server name and user name ensure that Use cached exchange mode is selected then click on more setting
enter server name , user name

Step 7: Microsoft Exchange wizard will pops up, click on connection tab and select connect to Microsoft exchange using HTTP checkbox then click on Exchange Proxy settings.
choose connect to exchange using HTTP


Step 8: Now enter URL to connect to my proxy server for exchange then select the checkbox to connect On fast network and on slow network both, and chose also Basic Authentication for proxy authentication settings. 
enter URL to connect to proxy server

Step 9: Click Apply then ok you will prompt to Add new account wizard again. 
Step 10: Here enter your user name and password. 
Step 11: Click next and then finish. 

Step 12: Now open Outlook with your new exchange profile that is created above 


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