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Tuesday, 21 April 2015

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How to take Backup of a PST file in Microsoft Outlook

You can take Backup of your PST file which contains your emails, contacts and other data. So, why do you need to create a backup of your PST file at all? The answer is very simple because a PST file is very susceptible to corruption. There is file size limitation for every PST folder you created. If the size limit exceeds then the PST is more prone to corrupt. Having backup of your PST file is good in case of PST corruption.

Steps by Step Guide to take Backup of PST file in MS Outlook 2007

Step 1: Locate the PST file in your system

There are many ways to locate your PST files the easiest one is described below:

Open Control Panel    
Start-->Control Panel-->Mails
A Mail Setup Window will appear as shown. Click on Show Profiles Tab to choose profile [or user account for which you want to take backup].
Select profile and click on Properties.
Now Click on Data Files to locate your PST files.
Select PST folder which you want to a backup of and click on Settings button.
Copy the path under Filename (this is the actual location where the PST is stored in your system).
Step 2: Paste this path to Windows Start Button-> search the actual file in the system and copy the file using right click.
Step 3: Copy this file to CD/DVD/Flash Drive/or any other storage device. You can also upload this file to cloud (like Google Drive or your Dropbox Account) to access your PST anywhere. 

Shortcut Method to take a backup of PST File 

There is an alternative way through which you can locate your PST file within a second and take Backup of it. Simply go to My Computer and on the right side search bar enter *.pst and hit Enter. You will get a whole list of PST stored in your system. This trick is useful for finding all the PST in single hit but finding your PST can be troublesome in case you are having bunch of PST files stored in your system.