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Tuesday, 26 May 2015

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How to Locate and Repair OST File Using Command Prompt

In my previous post, I have shown you how to locate and repair OST file using GUI. But sometimes it is required to find OST file using command terminal and run scanost.exe tool using the command prompt. In this post, we will see how easily you can locate the OST file in your system using command only and run Microsoft Inbox Repair Tool to repair OST file.

Steps to Locate OST files using CMD (Command Prompt)

In order to Repair OST files you need to first locate them. In case the Windows Search features doesn't work you can still locate OST file using the command prompt. The steps for finding ost files are mentioned below:
Step 1: Open  Command Prompt [Windows Key+R>>Type CMD and hit enter].

Step 2: Type the following command in the command prompt and hit enter to search all ost file in c drive.
dir /s c:\*.ost

The above command will show all the OST file available on your system (in case you want to find pst files then simply replace OSTwith PST in command see: 
dir /s c:\*.pst
Step 3:  Copy the path of your OST file location and now run scanost.exe tool from command prompt using the command
dir /s c:\scanpst.exe

Note: From Outlook 2010 scanost.exe is no longer available. But scanpst.exe is the default tool to repair both OST and PST files. In case you are using earlier version of Outlook then you need to use scanost.exe tool for repairing corrupt OST file and scanpst.exe for PST files.

Step 4: Now you get the location of Microsoft Inbox Repair Tool and you can run it either from the command prompt or Windows GUI.
To Run Microsoft Inbox Repair Tool from cmd simply use the following command
first of all move the root directory by typing cd/ and enter.
Now type
c:\cd 'location of scanpst.exe tool'c:\'location of scanpst.exe tool'\scanpst.exe

The Rest of the process is same as we discussed in previous post See this Link: 


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