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Thursday, 23 April 2015

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How to Send an email at a particular time in MS Outlook

Sometime it is required to send an important email at very particular time and you don't have time for composing the email. Consider a scenario where you want to wish a Happy Birthday to your friend at just 12:00 am then you can use Outlook email Scheduler which allows you to compose an email and send it later on a particular time and date.

Step By Step Guide to Send an email at a particular Time and Date  

Step 1: Open Outlook and Compose a New Mail but don't hit the send button.
Step 2: click on Options on and Double Click on Delay Delivery Button
Step 3: A pop Windows appears like shown below. You need to select date and time from the drop down selector and click close button.

Send an e-mail at a particular time in MS Outlook
Step 4: Now click on Send button to save the message for later delivery. 
You can check this trick really working or not by sending a test mail to yourself choosing a time accordingly. This option is applicable to all the outlook version including the latest MS Outlook 2013.
Also there are options you can choose like Expires after which allows you to set a time after that particular email expires and no more available. 


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