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Thursday, 23 April 2015

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How to Troubleshoot "MS Outlook Crashes on Startup" issue?

MS Outlook has now becomes a premier e-mail client used by many organization to communicate with their employees and maintain records of meetings, tasks, e- mails and much more. As it is very helpful e-mail client for all it should be maintained and updated regularly by installing various add-ins. But sometimes these add-ins are not comes from trusted source that will lead to abrupt or unexpected crashing of Outlook when you tries to open it.
This issue of crashing Outlook may be also due to some other reasons listed below
  • Inappropriate closing of Outlook data files
  • Forcefully shutting down the system without closing applications related to outlook
  • Unexpected power cuts while using Outlook if your system doesn’t have power backup
  • Some faulty updates or errors associated with add-ins installed in Outlook may cause unexpected exit of Outlook.  

Now in this post we’ll discuss how to troubleshoot the issue of “Outlook crashes when you start it” 

Follow the steps given below to resolve such issue:
  • Try to open Outlook in safe mode. For opening Ms Outlook in safe mode enter ‘outlook /safe’ in windows Run option  [Note: Before opening outlook in safe mode close outlook from the current mode]

outlook /safe

  • Now if your outlook opens in safe mode properly without showing error then the problem might be due to add-ins installed in outlook. 
  • Disable the add-ins from Ms Outlook  

Step 1: Click on Tools menu and select Trust Center

tool>trust center


Step 2: Then click on Add-ins and Select COM Add-ins in manage drop down list then click GO

add ins

Step 3: Uncheck all Add-ins, and then click OK


Step 4: Now try to open Outlook by checking add-ins one by one until issue occurs.

Step 5: You will then get to know which add-in causing error and then remove it.


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